Dirty Noize

by Dee Jay Prism

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A combination album, including collaborations with Vin Thomas from Norfolk UK and remixes of some classic early rave tracks in a new and reviving genre.


released May 9, 2011

Track 2 features samples from Prodigy - Omen (Howlett, Tim Hutton, Maxim) from the 2009 album Invaders Must Die released through The Prodigy's label Take Me To The Hospital and distributed by Cooking Vinyl all rights of the original work reserved. Track 4 features samples from Future sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q Mix) (Dougans & Cobain) Published by Skratch Music Publishings 1992, all rights of original work reserved. Track 8 features samples from Manix - Feeel Reel Good (Manix) Published on Reinforced/Westbury Music 1991, all rights of original work reserved. Track 10 features samples from Jesse Garcia - Lets Get Happy, all rights of origianl work reserved. Tracks 3,5,7,9 feature additional instruments, production and recording by Vin Thomas.



all rights reserved


Dee Jay Prism UK

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Track Name: Omen Repro
Now, The writings on the wall,
It won't go away,
It's an omen,
You just run on automation.
(K Flint)
Track Name: Blow E's Head Off
Theres a geezer over there,
He's got grease in his hair,
With a telly in his arms,
Yeah he's bowling along,
It doesn't seem right,
In the middle of the night,
But who am I to say,
He's got panic in his eyes,
See he loves what he does,
Gets a kick and buzz,
So of course he's got to grab it,
Cos he's got a dirty habit,
So don't tell him it's a sin,
When he's nicking from your house,
Get a dog, Get a bat,
Take a pistol from your hat,
And blow E's head off.

There's a copper on the street,
Walking the same old beat,
See's a vilian on the run,
With a hoody like a nun,
He flashes him with lights,
And he shouts 'Stop, alright',
'Get your hands by your side',
'Your nicked, get in my ride',
Rolling down town,
With a grin caught a clown,
Sold a telly, what a nob,
Got arrested shut his gob,
Whata life being nice,
Saving people from the knife,
Get a dog, Get a bat,
Get a pistol, Get a hat,
And blow E's head off.

Blow E's Fucking Head Off, Yeaah.

(Copyright Warren & Thomas 2009. All rights reserved.)